Extreme Cut Out Jeans Hits The Market, Twitter Gives Thumbs Down

An Extreme Cut out Jeans is launched in the market, people don't know how to react.


Fashion trends have come a long way, after all, it keeps changing as the day progresses. Some trends make u go wow, then some makes us go “What the hell?”. New pair jeans fall into the latter category.

The fashion market has got a fresh and new style. We are simply not sure what to think. The jeans called ‘extreme cut out jeans’ is very hard to digest. The new jeans is going viral on social media for all the wrong reasons. People are in utter disbelief over the new jeans.

An LA-based company has come up with this new extreme cut out jeans, which hardly cover anything. It doesn’t even have zips, not that, it needs any. It hardly covers the legs. We should be thankful that they put pockets. After seeing the pictures of the new jeans, we are simply thinking why would anyone want this.

If that didn’t have any impact, its price will definitely give you a heart attack. This extreme cut out jeans costs $168, which is almost equal to Rs. 11,000. What do you think? Will you buy one?

Not only me, even Twitter is very confused. They have come up with some of the funniest response to the jeans.

This Is How They reacted:

What do you think? Will you buy a pair? Tell us your views?


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