Shilpa Wants to Do This With Her Bigg Boss Prize Money, You’ll Respect Her Even More

Shilpa Shinde revealed her plans for her Bigg Boss prize money, you'll start loving her even more after knowing this.


Shilpa Shinde was one of the strongest and loved participants of Bigg Boss 11. She has won millions of hearts with her kind and caring nature. Time and again, she has proved how beautiful human being she is. Even superstar host Salman Khan was her big fan. Firstly, she made everyone laugh with her stint as Angoori Bhabhi on BhabhiJi Ghar Par Hain. Now, she is busy with a comedy web series Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan with ace comedian Sunil Grover.

Recently, in an interview with, she revealed her future plans and what she wants to do with the winning prize money of Bigg Boss 11.

Earlier, the various reports suggested that Shilpa bought a home in Evershine Nagar in Malad with her winning prize money of Bigg Boss 11. However, when she was asked about the same, she seemed surprised. She said,

“What? No! I mean I have purchased a flat in Malad, but that is not with my Bigg Boss prize.”

She further added that she bought that property with her earnings from Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain. Talking about the same, she added,

“I had bought it with my earnings that were released by producers of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain just before I was offered Bigg Boss. I made the payment and went to the Bigg Boss house. So, a lot of paperwork I finished once I came out. In fact, now I feel that maybe this is why people thought that I bought the house from the prize money.”

When quizzed about her plans for the prize money, she was a bit hesitant earlier, but finally revealed.

Shilpa said that she wants to make a place like a crèche for old people, where they would have fun with people of their age group. She said,

“I always had thought that if I ever win the show, I will only use the prize money for other people, in my dad’s memory. And now that I have won it, I want to make a place for old people. Actually, I have realised all that old people want from you is that they want to talk. And in our busy lives and work, we barely get any time for a freewheeling chat with our folks.”

Shilpa Shinde said that when she talked to elderly people, she realized that they felt alone when their kids go out for work and house help is there to help them. Therefore, when they’ll have a place like a crèche to go, they can have fun without feeling alone.

She further added,

“I have this concept that I will create a creche for old people. Yes, a creche, how when you go to work you drop kids to their creche and there they mingle with other kids and at the same time are in safe hands and you know they have been looked after. Similarly, I have seen many children (working couples, daughters or sons) have to hire a helper who looks after their parents. Instead of this, they can send their parents to the creche where they will meet like-minded and same age group people who they can chat with, discuss, play games etc. Helpers working there will look after their meals, medicines etc. So, the children can be stress-free while at work. I have decided to utilise my Bigg Boss winning amount for this,”

It is so sweet and noble of her to do such things. After knowing this, our respect has increased for her. What do think?

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