Durex Trolled England’s EXIT From FIFA World Cup 2018 In The Best Way, We Are Loving It


Currently, everyone is busy in the FIFA World Cup 2018. Fans are going gaga over the spectacular matches and supporting their favorite film. The World Cup will end on 15th July, which will see France and Croatia locking horns for one last time for the coveted trophy.

In one of the most shocking moments, Croatia knocked England out of the world cup with their amazing performance in the semi-finals. Croatia defeated England by 2-1. England was one of the most favorites to lift the world cup, however, the dreams of the fans shattered as England lost to Croatia in the semi-final.

In fact, former England captain David Beckham looking pretty over-confident, as he says “It’s coming home”. He was talking about the FIFA World Cup 2018 coming to England, in case you missed the context.

Watch The Video:

Everyone from fans to former footballer to many England celebrities believed that England will bring the trophy home. Sadly that didn’t happen and won’t happen for at least next World Cup. Now, “it’s coming home” has started a meme-fest.

Durex also took upon themselves to take a dig at England’s knock out form FIFA World Cup 2018. They have once again proved that they are the funniest brand, who always knows to endorse their product in the best way possible. Check out the meme by Durex India down below.

Durex India took to Twitter to share the memes with a caption “Never mind lads. #CROENG”

Even Twitter is loving their response. Check out some of the reactions down below.


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