#MeToo: Guess The Actor Who Molested Poonam Pandey


Poonam Pandey has joined the #Metoo agree with #Tanushree Dutta movement. The actress had a similar experience with a senior actor, known for his villainous and comic roles, while shooting for The Journey of Karma.

It was a lovemaking scene involving Poonam and the veteran actor. Before the scene was canned, Poonam made it a point to draw the line, giving the actor an intimidating look. Do you know who is the actor?

ME TOO movement has shaken the world with its power.Every day from the entertainment industry, sexual harassment news is popping out. Nana Patekar, Alok Nath, Abhijeet Bhattacharya and Vikas Bahl have accused of a sexual harassment case. But the most important thing is that women are not in fear to unveil the name of the person and everyone is supporting them.

However, Poonam has not forgotten the incident. Even she has chosen to avoid attending the trailer launch of the film just a week back. Earlier she skipped the poster launch of the film too.

Even, while the scene was being shot in bed, Poonam saw it that the actor does not take any liberties with her. Yet he did not miss the opportunity and made reel feel like real.

Confirming the incident Poonam Pandey stated, “Actresses face such things a lot. While shooting for the lovemaking scene the actor was behaving as if we were actually in the privacy of our bedroom. I am not comfortable sharing the stage with him anymore. Thus decided not to attend the trailer that was last week. Earlier also I had  skipped the poster launch of the film a few months before.”

Unlike Tanushree Dutta who openly named Nana Patekar, Poonam chooses to be tight lipped. Poonam stated, “I would not like to name him. He has a daughter of my age.” But what is the reason not to unveil the actor name? Is the actor Shakti Kapoor? What do you say?

We all know that Tanushree Dutta recently unveiled some truth about Nana Patekar which is very difficult to accept it. In 2008,the incident took place when Tanushree Dutta was shooting for the item song in the movie Horn OK Please. After this shocking incident, her life changed a lot and she said goodbye to the film industry.

Even, the producer of 1990’s show Tara, Vinta Nanda unveiled her story in a Facebook post. Vinta Nanda alleged that Alok Nath would mess with her on the sets and everyone would be silent.

The actress Poonam  also supported Tanushree Dutta. Poonam added , “Tanushree Dutta has opened a can of worms and I agree with her completely. It is a sad situation to be in. This issue is like a cancer virus plaguing the actor’s world over.”

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