#METOO: Kaneez Surka I am sorry, Says Aditi Mittal


Stand-up comedian Kaneez Surka accused Aditi Mittal, comedian, of sexually harassing her. But now, Aditi Mittal apologised to Kaneez on Twitter.

ME TOO movement has shaken the world with its power. Every day from the entertainment industry, sexual harassment news is popping out. Last night, one more sexually harassment news came into the limelight where stand-up comedian Kaneez Surka accused her fellow comedian Aditi Mittal for harassing her sexually and also claimed that during a comedy show, Aditi kissed her and put Kannez’s tongue in her mouth in front of the audience.

Kaneez Surka wrote in her statement, ” It left me humiliated, shocked and completely stripped of choice.” She further asked Aditi to apologise publicly for violating her consent.

Here is the full statement of Kaneez Surka.

However, Aditi Mittal, today apologized on social media and explained everything. Aditi Mittal stated that the kissing part was part of the act. She gave her a peck on the lips and there was no tongue. The incident took place in January 2016.

Aditi wrote, “In January 2016, I was a participant of an open mic at Andheri (West) in Mumbai. Kaneez Surkha was the host. While walking up on stage to take the mic from Kaneez I gave her a peck on the lips (there was no tongue) as a joke as a part of the act. The intentions were not sexual in nature. I realised that after talking to Kaneez that it was a violation of her space and to this day bothers her very much. For this I am unconditionally sorry.”

She continued, “We spoke about this matter at length in 2017. I issued an unconditional apology for making her feel that way. She accepted my apology and said that she knew my intention was not to make her feel the way she did. We discussed the rampant sexism in AIB which she was just discovering and promised to have each other’s back in a boys club.”

Aditi Mittal also wrote, “In light of events that have been transpiring, she said that she would get closure if I apologised it publicly and gave me two days to speak up. Kaneez, I am sorry.”

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