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5 best Indian food for traveller.




Indian food for travellers: India is the hub for foodie people; the variety of food is uncountable.Indian cuisine is widely popular for its spiciness and delicious taste. India has the bliss of flavours for a vegetarian as well as for non-vegetarians.The food collection in the country is very remarkable. It offers hundreds of traditional delicacies, which differ from north to south.Every single region has unique dishes which gives you mouth-watering taste and flavour.

Pani Puri/ Goal Gappa
Pani Puri is the most favourite street food in India. It reflects the true diversity of Indian food where one food item pronounces with a different name and holds different taste as well . In North India, it is filled up with mashed potato and serves with mint, tamarind, and some spices flavoured water.In South India, it is filled with green peas and in West, serves with flavoured water. Gol Gappa gives you the real taste of India along with herbs and spices. This food have different names like puchka, Pani Batashe, Gol Gappe, Pani puri.

Masala Dosa
Indian food for travellers South Indian foods is very appetizing as well as healthful at the same time. FYI, the South Indian food is the spiciest Indian cuisine.Along with these, the cuisine of the South is very healthy and very high in nutrition values. When we talk about the food of the South, the first thing hits in our mind is Masala Dosa, idli, vada, and the list goes on.Masala Dosa is the main breakfast food for every south Indian of the country.As per the CNN survey, Masala Dosa stands on 39th position in the list most delicious food in the world.

Butter chicken
Indian food for travellers Butter chicken is purely the New Delhi food, as it originated in Moti Mahal Restaurant in 1950. Once the cook of the restaurant, by mistake mixed the sauce which is made of butter, chicken juice, tomato with tandoori chicken slices. Consequently, the result of this incident becomes the most toothsome dish in the world. Now, there is not a single non-vegetarian person can be found who can say that he or she doesn’t have tasted or eaten the Butter chicken.This food is easily available and can be found in every restaurant and highway dhabas.

Indian thali
Thali is one of the important revolutions of traditional Indian food. Thali is basically a plate on which the food is severed. Usually made up of stainless steel and arranged around it are an array of tiny saucers or bowls containing all the delicacies. if you order a Thali in the North, the most probably you will get the best food in the local place.Thali is the best way to enjoy Indian cuisine as you get all the dishes in one single plate. The benefit of Thali is; in just a few bucks you get the taste of your life.

Pineapple Shondesh
Bengalis are known for their sweet tooth and language and the poster child of that, is the sandesh. Also known as the “heart stealer”, in some parts of Bengal. Sandesh is essentially made with milk and sugar. This white/creamy beauty of a dessert is found mainly in eastern India and its variants are made of chheena (cheese) instead of milk. Kolkata is the best place for eating sandesh: the amazing, soft sweet which will delight your senses like nothing else.

Choosing the top 5 Indian foods is like picking a small pebbles from giant mountains.

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Daily Routine

4 dine restaurant you must visit in Mumbai





Wine Villa:
Ever heard of a wine ATM or wine on tap? Yes, that is what you will get at Wine Villa. The first of its kind in the country, it offers more than 100 wines on tap including those from Italy, Chile, Argentina and France. You will be given an ATM card and you punch it in, pick the glass and the wine of your choice pours out. Each wine has a card which mentions what food goes best with it so you don’t need to scratch your head about wine and food pairing. The menu has been crafted by Diana Chen, the winner of Master Chef Australia 2017 so you can expect interesting dishes such as Lamacun spiced lamb samosa, Thyme Butter Seared Snapper, Four Cheese Flat Bread and much more.

India’s first wine on tap bar.

Address: 3rd floor, Horizon, Juhu church road, Juhu

Cat Café Stuido:

Can you bring your pet cat here? No. Can you play with cats here and maybe even adopt them? Of course! Cat Cafe rescues stray cats and gives them a new home in this cafe. They are treated medically and then put up for adoption. But if you just want to sip your coffee and play with them, you are welcome to do that also. There’s a dedicated cat area with 20-30 cats, where you can be with them. When it comes to food, they offer a range of coffee, tea, pizzas, sandwiches, pasta and even Maggi noodles. And whatever you spend on the meal goes into the treatment and care of the cats.

India’s first cat café.

Address: Bungalow No. 63, Harminder Singh Road, Aram Nagar Part 1, Versova, Andheri West

Leaping windows:

If you love comics, then don’t skip a visit to this charming library and cafe in Versova. It started in 2010 as an online comic book home delivery service and now offers a reading room where by paying Rs. 50 an hour, you can sit on comfortable cushions surrounded by all kinds of graphic comics. Think browsing Marvel, Calvin, Asterix, Tintin, Amar Chitra Katha and many more. Apart from excellent coffee and tea, it has a range food options such as breakfast bowls, sandwiches, burgers and sinful desserts. They even have a bar, but go here for the pure love of comics.

Mumbai’s first comic book library

Address: 3 Corner View, Dr. Ashok Chopra Marg off Yari Road, Opp. Bianca Towers, Versova, Andheri West


Play a quiz and get a discount on your bill at the country’s first quiz themed restaurant. It may sound bizarre but this is how it works. You’ll be given a tab where you can see the menu and place the order. After that you have to answer eight questions on topics like general knowledge, Bollywood, current affairs and sports and each correct answer will shave off a part of your bill. If you answer five questions correctly it’s a 25% discount and if you answer 8 it’s a whopping 50% off on your entire bill. But the trick is you just have 15 seconds to answer each question. Try hard because the food is delicious. Think baked cheese pao bhaji buns, pull apart bread (oozing with cheese), fondue, freak shakes and a range of other interesting things.

 India’s first quiz theme restaurant

Address: 101, De Mall, New Chandra CHS, Near Veera Desai Road, Mahar, Andheri West.

While the city has endless eateries that offer a mouth-watering meal, what sets a few apart is the twist that comes with it. They turn the evening into a unique experience keeping you entertained till your food arrives and even later.

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foods that gives us nostalgia about childhood





Childhood memory refers to memory formed during childhood. There are some foods that are attached to a specific memory and testing them after years mesmerize our emotions. Food has always been the delighting factor in an otherwise colourless life. Foods always turns up to the most important and loved part of the occasion. Here is a list of some dishes that blend up warm memories:
Glucose biscuit:
Glucose biscuit and tea should be declared the national snack of India. As a kid we were not found a tea, we used to asked for it so that we could dunk our biscuit and its flavoring taste.

Orange bar:
This was one of the best relief from the scorching heat when a game of cricket got over or when dad decided to reward us after solving mathematics problem on Sundays. That ice cream vendor’s bells still ring in our memories.

Whenever we used to gout for grocery shopping with our parents., jelly always come along in a bag. This sweet delicacy was a forever favorite and trying every flavor is mandatory.

Kulfi was the perfect break while we were busy being tortured by homework. As soon as we heard the ‘kulfi wala’ ringing the bell from far, there was a sigh of relief. We use to run towards the kulfi wala and he used to carefully open the box and take out the frozen kulfi from the mould.

Cotton candy:
The pink cotton candy used to light up our mood whenever we spot it in a fare or on the street market.

Barf ka gola:
From mango to kala khatta, slurping the ‘barf ka gola’ with your siblings and cousins is one of the best memories of childhood. Even today when we see a barf ka gola shop, the kid inside us can’t resist the flavourful ‘barf ka gola’ on a sweltering day.

Sweet cigarettes:
Even before ‘swag’ was in fashion, sweet cigarettes for kids were the synonym for this word. Imitating our favourite Bollywood stars by these sweet cigarettes and then enjoying its candy-like taste are among the best childhood memories.

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6 Foods That Lower Your Testosterone Levels





Testosterone is the male sex hormone, however, women also produce small amounts of testosterone in their ovaries and superarenal glands. But, many factors are involved in the regulation of testosterone including a proper diet.

A healthy diet is important to maintain normal levels of testosterone because this hormone is required for gaining muscle mass, improving sexual function, promoting bone health, and boosting strength.

Extremely low testosterone levels are linked with a number of health conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart problems, obesity.So, watch out for those foods that lower your testosterone levels.

  1. Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oils like soybean, corn, canola, and cottonseed oil contain polyunsaturated fatty acids. A study showed that consuming this unhealthy fat frequently could significantly lower testosterone levels.

  1. Nuts

A study conducted in 31 women with PCOS showed that walnuts and almonds increased sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels by 12.5% and 16%, respectively. SHBG is a type of protein that binds to testosterone hormone, which lowers the levels of testosterone in the body.

  1. Mint

Spearmint and peppermint have been shown to have a direct impact on testosterone. A study showed that women who drank spearmint tea daily had a significant decline in testosterone levels. Another study found that drinking peppermint tea had the same effect.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol affects the hormones involved in male reproduction. A study shows that drinking excessive alcohol could cause low testosterone levels, especially in men. So, limit your alcohol intake to maintain normal testosterone levels.

  1. Processed Foods

Processed foods like cheese, tinned vegetables, bread, cakes and biscuits are full of trans fats which have been linked to type 2 diabetes, inflammation, and heart disease. A study has found that a high intake of trans fats could lower testosterone levels and disrupt reproductive performance.

  1. Liquorice Root

Liquorice root is used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat certain ailments. However, a study has shown that 3.5 grams of liquorice daily lowers testosterone levels in women by 32%.

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