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Adaa Khan’s vaccation pictures are going to make you crave for one!




Well, don’t we all think of exotic vacations, bookmark articles, save pictures of beautiful locations on our phones thinking of that one vacation we all want to have, while we’re glued on our laptops at work? Adulting is pretty hard! And trust us, Adaa Khan’s pictures are sure to ignite that craving even more.

Adaa, who was last seen in television show ‘Vish ya Amrit Sitara?’ has been all over the social media with her vacation posts. From her social media posts, it is clear that she loves travelling. She also uses a hashtag with all her travel posts, ‘#AdaaTravels’. Adaa, has recently been travelling to places all across the globe, trying new cuisines, exploring every bit of all the places she visits. She has been sharing all the deets with her fans through her Instagram stories. Check out some travel pictures of Adaa below:

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Venice is a dream destination for pretty much all of us. Adaa, renames ‘Love’ to ‘Venice’ in this instagram post:

What do you do when you’re in Pisa? Take the cues from Adaa here:

You’re lying if you say you have not wished to visit Lake Como once after Deepika and Ranveer’s marriage. Well, looks like Adaa has surely fulfilled that wish:

Fairytales and Happy endings have been a dream of all us girls. And no matter how much we grow up, Disney land is always going to be on our bucket list:

Bollywood has definitely set our expectations high and cruising has been one such dream of all of us. Especially if its cruising in the beautiful waters of Malaysia. Check Adaa, live life the ‘Gulaboo’ way in Malaysia:

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When in Rome, Do like the Romans do! Adaa, is definitely doing a lot of fun in Rome. Check out her insta post here:

Trust us, we can go on and on. But hello? Laptop calling! Time to return to the desk. Let us know about your favourite vacation spots in the comments section below!



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Salman Khan : One part of me wants to leave Bigg Boss 13 and the other wants to keep it




The television reality show Bigg Boss season 13 has been extended for 5 weeks. As the show progressed, there was speculation that Salman Khan would not host the show in an extended time. Farah Khan will shoot for five weeks of the show in place of Salman. At the same time, Salman has reacted among all these. Speaking to the Mumbai Mirror website recently, Salman Khan said, “One part of me wants to leave it and the other wants to keep it and at the same time another part is dominating the part, that wants to leave it. ”

In fact, in the past ‘Weekend Ka War’, the reaction of the family was asked on the decision to pursue the show. On which Salman said that ‘Now I can hardly host this show further’. After which reports started coming that Farah Khan will host this show after Salman.

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Salman Khan has also shared the experience of hosting ten seasons out of thirteen of the reality show ‘Bigg Boss’. Salman Khan said, “It is tense, but I have learned a lot from it. It got me to know where our country is going. What is the position of moral values, ideals, moral inhibitions and principles in our country.”

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Deepika Padukone reveals her all-time favorite cricketer from Team India




During an interview, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone revealed her all-time favorite Team India cricketer. Deepika has a close relationship with her father, Prakash Padukone, who is one of the top badminton players of all time in India.

She is also in the movie ‘ 83, ‘ a movie based on India’s iconic World Cup cricket win under Kapil Dev’s captaincy where Deepika plays the role of Romi Dev, Kapil’s wife. Her real-life husband Ranveer Singh plays Kapil Dev’s role in the film. She revealed how in her free time she’s watching cricket with Ranveer.

“Ranveer and I watch matches together, he is a very big football fan which everyone knows – but he is also a big cricket fan. We don’t watch every single match, but yes, when there are important games, we either make it a point to sit with each other or with family and friends and make it an event, as the whole nation does,” she claimed.

Speaking about her all-time favorite cricketer, Deepika said its former India skipper Rahul Dravid.

“For me, he (Dravid) is somebody I have admired and looked up to, and, he is from Bangalore,” Deepika said.

“At times you feel your body is not keeping up with the mind. I think sometimes it’s the mind that takes over – and nurturing that is very important.”


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Papon cancels the concert in Delhi; says ‘ Assam is burning, my home state ‘




Angarag Mahanta, known by his stage name Papon, shared with his fans a piece of sad news and announced that he could not perform in Delhi for his upcoming concert. The singer said his “home state Assam is burning, weeping, and under curfew” and he’s not going to be able to entertain the fans.

He tweeted, “It’s painful to see the way Assam is burning! Humanity is suffering! Assam has been burdened with illegal immigration for decades! We don’t deserve this! The diverse, complex mix of the Assamese culture & people and their existence needs to be understood! We need to be heard properly”

The singer wrote, “Dear Delhi. I am very sorry but I have decided not to do the concert tomorrow at ‘imperfect short’ as planned! My home state Assam is burning, crying and under curfew! I won’t be able to entertain you the way I should in my present state of mind!”

He then added, “I know this is unfair on you as you had bought tickets and planned long ahead. I am sure the organizers will take care of that in some way and as promised I’ll see you all on another day in the future! I hope you will understand! ”

Assam’s government clamped curfew in Guwahati to the uninitiated and suspended mobile Internet services in parts of the state for 24 hours due to protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019.

CAB, which seeks to give citizenship to persecuted non-Muslim minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh Muslim-majority nations, was passed in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday after passing through the Lok Sabha.


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