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7 of the lesser known places in Mumbai, that are worth a visit




Mumbai, the city of dreams may be a lot of glamour, Bollywood and parties. However, it is not limited to that. If you search thoroughly, this city has a number of gems that are still less known among Mumbaikars. Here is a list of 5 places that are hidden from the public eye:

1. Hasnabad Dargah, Byculla:
Amidst the hustle of busy byculla, this dargah gives a refreshing cultural experience. This dargah is a rich, architectural building right in the middle of busy Mumbai.

2. Gilbert Hill, Andheri:
Risen from volcanic activity that took place 66 million years ago, this gigantic rock is as big as a hill. It is a natural wonder, right in the middle of Andheri, one of Mumbai’s busiest suburb. The hill has 2 temples on top of it and offers a beautiful view of the city skyline.

3. Maharashtra Nature Park, Dharavi:
This 37-acre land, which was once a dumping ground, has been restored to make a beautiful park. It has a variety of trees, birds and butterflies in it. It is a nature retreat right in the midst of a metropolitan.

4. Golfa Devi Temple, Worli:
Worli Koliwada, an 800-year-old fishing village in Mumbai is a hidden cave of tourist spots. The temple has been known to grant wishes to the fishing community, so much so that they pray here before heading out to the sea. It is beautifully located and is worth visiting.

5. Pandavkada waterfalls, Kharghar:
The Pandavkada falls are best visited in Monsoon. Located in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, this hidden paradise is sure to be a nice outing. The Buddhist caves and Kharghar Hills are also nearby and make for a fun day out.

6. Kanhoji Angre Island, Alibagh
Located just off of the coast of Mumbai, this little island is a hidden gem. It is situated opposite the Thal fishing port in Alibagh. This island is home to a Portuguese fort. It has a single lighthouse that stands tall as you approach the island. The best way to get there is via ferry through the Thal village.

7. Bordi, Dahanu
Bordi is a coastal village located near Dahanu. It is home to a beautiful beach. The best part, however, is the chikoo farms there. So if you are looking for a peaceful getaway near Mumbai, Bordi is the place.

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Would You Believe That The Technical Reason Behind Booking a Seat in Railways is ‘PHYSICS’!




Booking a seat on a train is far more different than booking a seat in a theatre!
Theatre is a hall, whereas the train is a moving object. So safety concern is very high in trains. Indian railways ticket booking software is designed in such a way that it will book tickets in a manner that will distribute the load evenly on a train.

Let’s take an example to make things more clear: Imagine there are sleeper class coaches in a train numbered S1, S2 S3… S10, and in every coach, there are 72 seats.

So when someone first books a ticket, the software will assign a seat in the middle coach like S5, middle seat numbered between 30-40, and preferably lower berths (Railways first fills the lower berths than upper one so as to achieve low centre of gravity.)

And the software books seats in such a way that all coaches have uniform passenger distribution and seats are filled starting from the middle seats (36) to seats near the gates i.e 1-2 or 71-72 in order from lower berth to upper.

Railways just want to ensure a proper balance that each coach should have for equal load distribution. That is why when you book a ticket at the last, you are always allotted an upper berth and a seat numbered around 2-3 or 70, except when you are not taking a seat of someone who has canceled his/her seat.

What if the railways book tickets randomly? A train is a moving object which moves around at a speed of around 100km/hr on rails. So there are a lot of forces and mechanics acting on the train.

Just imagine if S1, S2, S3 are completely full and S5, S6 are completely empty and others are partially full. When the train takes a turn, some coaches face maximum centrifugal force and some minimum, and this creates a high chance of derailment of the train.

This is a very technical aspect, and when brakes are applied there will be different braking forces acting at each of the coaches because of the huge differences in the weight of coach, so the stability of train becomes an issue again.

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This is a piece of good information worth sharing, as often passengers blame the Railways citing inconvenient seats/ berths allotted to them!

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Dhanteras 2019 : Maa Lakshmi’s blessings will be Showered by these measures!




The festival of Dhanteras will be celebrated today. On this day, everyone does some shopping. It is believed that buying any item on this day increases the wealth by 13 times.
The festival of Dhanteras will be celebrated across the country today. This festival, which celebrates the Trayodashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month, has special significance in Hindu tradition. On this day, there is special legislation to worship Goddess Lakshmi, Kubera, and Yamraj, the goddess of wealth. On this day, all the rich and poor do some of the other shopping. It is believed that by buying something on this day, Goddess Lakshmi remains blessed throughout the year. Diwali also starts from the day of Dhanteras.

Next, let us tell you the auspicious time of the day and the method of worship before you know why the festival of Dhanteras is celebrated and what are the beliefs behind it. Actually, it is believed that on this day Lord Dhanvantari appeared from the churning of the sea.
It is believed that shopping on this day increases wealth by 13 times. According to the stories, when Lord Dhanvantari appeared, he had an elixir urn in his hand. This is also a reason why people give priority to buying utensils on this day.

Auspicious time for ‘Pooja’ on Dhanteras :

– 10 pm to 8 pm 15 pm
– Pradosh kaal-5 from 42 minutes to 8:15
– Taurus time-6 to 51 minutes-8 to 47 minutes

In the evening of Dhanteras, burn a flour or brass lamp with sesame oil. In the evening worship, first worship Ganesha and after that worship Ganesha. After worshiping Lakshmiji, worship Lord Dhanvantari and Yamraj ji. After worshiping, burn Yamraj by facing towards south direction. Donate food grains after worship. Let us tell you that establishing Ganeshji on Dhanteras has special benefits.

Cleanliness has great importance on Dhanteras. It is believed that where there is cleanliness, Goddess Lakshmi lives there. As a remedy, use perfume to spread fragrance in the house of worship. From the sunrise of Dhanteras to the night of Bhai Dooj, chant 11 beads daily ‘Om Lakshmaye Namah’. The garland of chanting should be of lotus leaf. Do not do any other work while chanting. On Ashtami, provide food to a girl under 8 years of age and give a gift to the girl.

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Adaa Khan’s vaccation pictures are going to make you crave for one!




Well, don’t we all think of exotic vacations, bookmark articles, save pictures of beautiful locations on our phones thinking of that one vacation we all want to have, while we’re glued on our laptops at work? Adulting is pretty hard! And trust us, Adaa Khan’s pictures are sure to ignite that craving even more.

Adaa, who was last seen in television show ‘Vish ya Amrit Sitara?’ has been all over the social media with her vacation posts. From her social media posts, it is clear that she loves travelling. She also uses a hashtag with all her travel posts, ‘#AdaaTravels’. Adaa, has recently been travelling to places all across the globe, trying new cuisines, exploring every bit of all the places she visits. She has been sharing all the deets with her fans through her Instagram stories. Check out some travel pictures of Adaa below:

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Venice is a dream destination for pretty much all of us. Adaa, renames ‘Love’ to ‘Venice’ in this instagram post:

What do you do when you’re in Pisa? Take the cues from Adaa here:

You’re lying if you say you have not wished to visit Lake Como once after Deepika and Ranveer’s marriage. Well, looks like Adaa has surely fulfilled that wish:

Fairytales and Happy endings have been a dream of all us girls. And no matter how much we grow up, Disney land is always going to be on our bucket list:

Bollywood has definitely set our expectations high and cruising has been one such dream of all of us. Especially if its cruising in the beautiful waters of Malaysia. Check Adaa, live life the ‘Gulaboo’ way in Malaysia:

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When in Rome, Do like the Romans do! Adaa, is definitely doing a lot of fun in Rome. Check out her insta post here:

Trust us, we can go on and on. But hello? Laptop calling! Time to return to the desk. Let us know about your favourite vacation spots in the comments section below!



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