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Lotus printed as part of the security features on new passports: MEA




A day after members of the opposition in the Lok Sabha raised the issue of lotus being printed on new passports, on Thursday the Ministry of External Affairs said it was part of enhanced security measures to recognize fake passports and include using other national symbols as well on rotation.

In raising the issue of lotus being printed on new passports brought for distribution in Kozhikode in Kerala during Zero Hour, M. K. Raghavan of the Congress said the issue was highlighted by a newspaper and alleged that this was the government establishment’s “further saffronization” with the lotus being the BJP’s election symbol.

Asked about the issue, the Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said, “This symbol is our national flower and is part of the enhanced security features to identify fake passports.” These security features have been introduced as part of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines, he said.

“Apart from the lotus, other national symbols will be used on rotation. Right now it is lotus, then next month there will be something else. These are symbols connected with India such as the national flower or national animal,” he said.

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Middle Eastern Schools come up with a Smart Solution in the Corona-Epidemic.




The Middle Eastern Countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar have come up with a smart solution from the Corona-Epidemic. As the countries have circulated a notice of staying indoors for 2 weeks and not travelling to Schools or public spaces. The months of Feb-April are considered to be the year-end for schools as they conduct final examinations. Due to the epidemic, the student’s year shall get affected in terms of Studies. The schools decided to provide online assessments and lectures till the government resumes to work.

The Middle East has been affected ghastly due to the neighbouring countries and visitors, the epidemic has spread like a blare in the countries, Kuwait recorded 53 cases, Bahrain recorded 49 cases, UAE recorded 27 cases, Oman recorded 12 cases, Qatar recorded 2 cases and Saudi Arabia has recorded 2 cases within a week. The cases have been increasing due to the Irani travellers as well as the Asian visitors. The respective governments have decided to stop any airfares coming or going from the country. They have suspended the road travellers and ex-pats in the country, to safeguard the citizens and control the epidemic.

With the new rule of online assessments, the education system of the Middle East has come at ease. It is still an attempt to make the functioning lucrative, but there is hope to create the working sector functional without the need of travelling, as the conditions have been on a rampage with the Corona-Outbreak all around the world. These new steps shall help them get the epidemic in control and eradicate its outcomes as soon as possible from their nations. UAE has suspended Private schools for 4 weeks from Sunday, whereas Bahrain has suspended the Public and Private Education Institutions for 2 weeks.

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Why India is not bothered about the Coronavirus Outbreak?




The whole world has been taking stringent measures for the Corona Outbreak. Each and every country has been making its citizen’s health their utmost priority right now. Apart from India, we would witness numerous measures taking place all around the world against the outbreak. Since the foremost awareness about Corona, nations in the Middle East distributed masks, primary medication to their citizens. Despite witnessing cases in different countries, they are constantly trying to safeguard their people from the plight, providing extensive treatment to the victims and doing their best to save them from this epidemic.

Amidst this disruption, India has been busy hindering their citizens under the CAA-NRC Protest. The Indian government has shown negligence towards the world epidemic. In such distressful conditions, respectable PM Modi hosted President Trump for a Trade deal, the grandeur of the event has been on headlines more than the questionable conditions of the country. Post his visit, the country still continues to barge on the CAA-NRC protest, which leads to loss of lives. In such combustion, citizen’s security from Coronavirus has shifted to their security from the Political goons. There have been more deaths recorded due to the protest than the plague.

In such a volatile situation, Journalist Faye D’Souza reminded the government about the Corona Outbreak through her social media handles, “We haven’t been checking #CoronaOutbreak in India. Other countries have made it their priority, we haven’t. I worry this might have gotten the better of us”

There have been 6 cases recorded in the country from which 3 have been cured but the probability of the outbreak is immeasurable. There have been no measures taken against the disease for the citizens. There is no accessibility of masks, no facilities for the underprivileged who are prone to the disruption, instead the country is busy bringing in distress and Ram Mandir, as materialist propulsion receives valor and citizen’s life is a mere issue in the nation.

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Mumbai pulls an all-nighter for Protest .




Mumbai, 4:30pm on 6th January 2020. Students gathered in large numbers to protest against the JNU Attacks. The protest was previously supposed to take place at Huttatma Chowk, Fort; later shifted to Gateway of India, Colaba for convenience of space to gather.

Mumbai is seldom recommended for its night life, termed as a city that never sleeps. The students of Mumbai did change the dimensions of the proverb and took a stand for their fellow academic mates.
The protest is still on with students from allover the city.

Gateway was completely occupied, leaving no space for vehicles. It did portray the strength of the youth in not just the Financial capital but even for the country. The protest had enchantments of some quirky slogans, motivational speeches by representatives.

It has been more than 24 hours of attack, but no case has been filled against the Goons. The Delhi police has been alleged by the whole country for taking mere action against the attack. It has been a petrifying experience for the whole JNU campus.

It was sourced that the ABVP supporters in the campus were left untouched by the Goons. Their rooms were intact and safe. There were Goons impostered as students hijacking their safety spots and attacking them. The social media is stormed with pictures, videos, quotes and appeals. May that be the film fraternity, activists or just common students.

Despite the roar, the unity of nations youth, there has been no strict action against the terror attack. It started with AMU then JNU and now it can any University of the country that has been voicing their fundamental rights as citizens.

The democratic uproar has been tinted in saffron with blinkers of Religious violence. It’s high time the public took charge to remind the Republican of the Country.

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