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Siddharth Shukla hospitalized due to deteriorating health!!




Siddharth Shukla has been ill for a long time. Even after this, Siddharth has not left the house of Bigg Boss. At the moment, Siddharth is physically quite a week and which is clearly visible in the show. After which Siddharth is also being given glucose after hospitalization. Siddharth has been taken to the hospital for treatment after complaining of typhoid. In the hospital, doctors have said that Siddharth Shukla should be given a lot of rest. Also, only after Siddharth Shukla is fully recovered, he’ll be able to enter the Bigg Boss house again.

In ‘Bigg Boss’ season 13, this week is thrilling the audience. At the same time, something happened inside the house that no one would have thought of, as the atmosphere of the house is becoming very interesting with the arrival of Paras Chhabra. Only yesterday it was seen that a lot of fighting took place in Aseem Riyaz and Paras Chhabra. At the same time, Paras Chhabra is also seen troubling Vishal Aditya Singh.

In the midst of all this, Siddharth Shukla will be taken out of the secret room of the house. From where Siddharth Shukla will be sent directly to the hospital. Amidst all this, the atmosphere in the house is in suspense with the fact that who will be the two people who will be kept in jail.

With the passage of time in Bigg Boss 13, the game is also becoming interesting. However, it will be interesting to see how the game progresses without Siddharth Shukla. Also, how soon Siddharth is able to return home after leaving the hospital.

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The buzz continues in Bigg Boss’s house. The contestants are seen getting confused about the election to go to jail at home. The contestants have to choose two people to go to jail. At the same time, some participants in the house feel that Vishal Aditya Singh should go to jail for his bad behavior. Also, some people are taking the name of Madhurima Tuli. It will also be seen in Bigg Boss that Asim Riaz will surprise everyone by choosing Aarti Singh to go to jail. At the same time, Aditya feels that only he is being targeted inside the house.

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Saurabh Raj Jain looks ravishing without the Heavenly Aura




Indian television heartthrob, Saurabh Raj Jain has been on screen for some time without his heavenly aura. He acclaimed recognition with his character Shree Krishna in Mahabharata. Though he has been working with Television since 2004, he has become the heartthrob since his breath taking performance in Mahabharata.

Saurabh does become the perfect choice for Mythical and Historic characters. With is exceptional looks, any Voluptuous King would suit him. His performance as Dhana Nand has set an example for Mythical actors. He offshores the venomous vibe to the audience and makes them believe his words.

Finally after seeing him continuously in those attires and aura. Saurabh took a break from those characters. He started off with Nach Baliye 9 and now has been sharing screen space in the TV Series Patiala Babes as Chef Neil Oberoi. It is a pivotal role as the second phase is introduced in the serial.

After his heavenly appearance, he is loved by his audience in this new avatar. It is a refreshing change for him. In an interview with HT Café; he explained, “I’m very happy to be experimenting with something quite different from what I have been doing in the past few years. It’s helping me break the mould to be a part of more character-driven roles. I’m happy to be playing the character that I am currently portraying on the show.”
It’s a rather special project for him as it helped him push the envelope. “My character is someone who is soft from the inside but tough from the outside. Playing a character of this sort has also really opened up my vision even more, as there’s so much I am picking up and learning from portraying this particular character, which in turn is definitely helping me push the envelope as an actor,” he says.
He is known for taking character-driven roles and acing it with finesse. Let’s hope this afresh does enhance his experimental performances.

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Everybody wants a strong woman until they meet one




If you ask men what they are looking for in a woman, most of them are fast-talking about body stats, sense of humor, intellect, caring nature, and a strong personality. Everybody simply wants a strong woman. But we have some serious doubts about whether they know what they get into when they want it. While a perfect waistline, a Ph.D. and someone who loves your family like their own is just the kind of woman you would like to deal with when it comes to romance; someone with a strong personality means much more than having a woman who knows what restaurant she wants to eat and what she wants to order.

People with a good sense of self-worth and personal power are often directly concerned with who they are. They do not hold back any punches that can be both appealing and mystifying to us, and appropriately so. More so is the latter, according to the common opinion among us.

Confused? Well, it’s not. Before you decide to want a “strong woman” as your partner, here are 5 things you need to recognize. You know what they’re doing … be selective about what you want, you might just get it all!

  •  Strong women are less reliant on emotion

A strong woman wants you, but she doesn’t need you necessarily. A woman who is able to get herself through life does not need a man’s declaration to feel good about her. She knows exactly who she is and what she’s going to bring to the table. She may want emotional support, but she doesn’t rely on it.

  • She’s not going to be afraid to talk, even if it offends you

Not to be confused with unnecessary rudeness, strong women stand their ground and can’t be bullied or spoken into something with which they disagree. Be prepared to have healthy discussions that may involve a difference of opinion at times. She’s not a pushover or a “yes-man.”

  • She has great respect for herself

If she loves you, she may go out to prove it to you, but there will be no tolerance for anything that threatens her self-respect. That’s the one thing she won’t compromise on, and before moving on she won’t think twice if you act disrespectfully.

  • She’s self-employed and go-getter

If she’s making her own money, she’s not going to take your shit. Financial stability, she says, is equivalent to freedom and independence! But, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you to pay bills or spoil her once in a while at her favorite restaurant or shopping mall. It’s just because she’s always able to do those things for herself.

  • How much strong woman is going to compromise is limited

Do not push the envelope when it comes to making changes and compromises! Although she may be willing to cross seven seas for you, don’t set yourself unrealistic expectations. No, she won’t cut off her mates because you hate them, because your parents don’t like it, she won’t stop wearing jeans, and she won’t quit her job because you think she needs to look after the household.

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Why Do Human Beings Procrastinate?




What is Procrastination?

Human beings have been procrastinating since ancient times, Greek thinkers like Socrates and Aristotle built up a word to depict this sort of conduct: Akrasia. In simple words, you could state that akrasia is stalling or absence of self-control.

Procrastination is the demonstration of deferring or delaying an assignment or set of undertakings. Along these lines, regardless of whether you allude to it as procrastinating or akrasia or something different, the power keeps you away from finishing what you set out to do.

Why/How is the Procrastination cycle created?

The most ideal approach to comprehend and understand this is by envisioning that you have two selves: your Present Self and your Future Self. At the point when you set objectives for yourself — like losing weight, composing a book or learning a language — you are really making arrangements for your Future Self. You are imagining what you need your life to resemble later on. Scientists have discovered that when you consider your Future Self, it is very simple for your mind to see the incentive in taking activities with long term benefits. The Future Self values long term rewards.

While the Future Self can set objectives, only the Present Self can make a move or take action. At the point when the opportunity arrives to settle on a choice, you are never again settling on a decision for your Future Self. Now you’re in the present moment, and your mind is contemplating the Present Self. Scientists have found that the Present Self truly loves moment delight, not long haul result.

This is a decent time to bring some science into our talk. Behavioral psychology research has uncovered a wonder called “time irregularity,” which discloses why procrastination appears to pull us in regardless of our sincere goals and good intentions. Time irregularity refers to the inclination of the human mind to esteem prompt rewards more profoundly than future rewards. Your brain values long-term benefits when they are in the future (tomorrow), but it values immediate gratification when it comes to the present moment (today).

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Motivation is an amazing, yet tricky brute. Now and then it is extremely simple to get motivated and inspired, and you end up finding yourself enveloped with a hurricane of excitement. In other different situations, it is almost difficult to make sense of how to spur yourself and you’re caught in a demise winding of procrastinating.

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