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Walt Disney’s vision of a genuine dreamland breathed life into mystical activity when it opened its doors in 1955, and during that time it has turned into a staple of American pop culture on account of its accumulation of adorable characters, energizing rides, and dramatic introduction.

Disneyland may have given us deep-rooted recollections, but at the same time, it’s kept privileged insights covered up in the Disney Vault directly alongside a few of its prevalent video discharges.

Disneyland originally opened on Sunday, July 17th, 1955 with a total of 18 attractions. The park has 51 attractions now, excluding the attractions in Disney California Adventure Park. When the park got opened, admission was $1, and now its $99. As of 2014, the park had welcomed almost 700 million guests since its opening.

The plants in Tomorrow land are all edible. You can eat the plants in Tomorrow land, as the themed island is meant to double as a farm “where humanity makes the most of its resources.”

The park’s haunted mansion has a pet cemetery. It’s hidden on the mansion’s side lawn – a place that guests rarely see. The cemetery is fake, pets aren’t actually buried there, and the inscriptions on the gravestones are meant to be funny. Over 84 million Mickey Mouse ears have been sold since Disneyland opened.

The Matterhorn has a basketball court, a half-court basketball structure can supposedly be found above the coaster ride, where employees go to shoot hoops during breaks. Rumour is, it still sits at the top of the mountain.

Disneyland was built in just one year. Despite early financial troubles, the $17 million theme park opened its doors within the estimated time span of 365 days. A secret apartment hides inside the theme park’s fire station. Urban legend has it that this was Walt Disney’s private apartment.

Over 200 feral cats live in the park, the felines are there to keep rodents away, though you’d be lucky to encounter one as the majority are said to be nocturnal creatures.

Walt Disney required all employees to be cleanly shaven. Theme park workers were actually allowed to grow moustaches in the 2000s.

Real human skeletons were used as props when Pirates of the Caribbean first opened, adding a sense of realism to the attraction, Disneyland had real human remains on exhibit, on loan from UCLA, but only one human skull remains as of today.

It has only closed three times in its history. Those times includes the national day of mourning for John F. Kennedy, the Northridge earthquake in 1994, and 9/11. There is a secret club in the park where only special guests can enter, it’s called Club 33 and it’s where a select few can escape the massive crowds to drink fancy cocktails, eat five-star cuisine, and hang with celebrities such as rumoured members Elton John and Tom Hanks.

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Exclusive News

Shocking reaction of Malala Yousafzai on revocation of Article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir! Check out!





Revocation of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir is probably the most talked political matter of turmoil in the recent days of India’s international politics. Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as always, dared to take a historic step to revoke Article 370 from the valley of Jammu and Kashmir. People, nationally and internationally, crossing across all borders have been divided into two parts, a lion’s share portion of which supports the revocation of the article.

However, Noble peace prize winner Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai has recently taken her stand on the burning issue that has downgraded the international relationship between India and Pakistan. Malala, in her Tweet, has penned down how Kashmiri people, especially women and children, have been suffering from violence for many decades. Being a well-wisher of the countrymen, Malala has wished that the seven-decade-old Kashmir conflict gets resolved in the most peaceful way possible mentioning that she is really worried about the Kashmiri children and women.

Check out the latest tweet of Malala here!

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Happiness is arriving with Jonas Brothers’ Happiness Begins Tour! Nick shares video!





The world-renowned American music band Jonas Band which performs mainly on pop and rock genre has already stirred the excitement among its worldwide fans right from the announcement of its Happiness Begins Tour 2019.
The Jonas brothers – Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas – will be performing their Happiness Begins Tour to promote their fifth band album Happiness Begins. The worldwide tour will be comprised of 90 shows starting from coming 7th August in Miami and ending on February 22, 2020, in Paris. Among these 90 shows, 74 will be held in North America and 16 will be witnessed live in Europe.
After Nick Jonas shared a small video clip which clearly showed the excitement of him and his wife Priyanka Chopra, now Nick shares a video of the Jonas brothers at the final stage preparation of the tour. Sharing the video Nick has captioned it “#HappinessBeginsTour is comin in hot See you in one week”.
Check out!

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